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This is pretty amazing even at this early stage:

  • Jean Des Marets, b. 1043, 30 generations, thru Meri, through the Crusades
  • Joost DeBaun, b. 1642, 10 generations thru Meri, from France
  • Thomas Sherwood b. 1586, 11 generation thru Meri, from England
  • Carl J. Jonsson, b. 1835, 5 generations thru Nelson, from Sweden
  • Nils Eliasson, b. 1793, 5 generations thru Nelson, from Sweden
  • Five Mayflower passengers from the William Brewster & James Chilton families to our grandchildren
  • JW Slater, b. 1820, Meri's GG, three books, lots of patents too

Now lets get going with the Deckers, Parks, Holts, Bowes, etc.

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